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Re: Shadows, Vorlons, and... math?

Presumably the Shadows had knowledge about how to hurt Kosh (we didn't see how the Shadows killed Kosh, but they don't seem to carry guns so they must have some other method). They also managed to damage his suit in Signs and Portents. I also always felt that to some extent Kosh submitted to his execution, because they were the rules that the Vorlons and Shadows agreed to play by.

But the Vorlons certainly seem stronger than the Shadows – at least while they are inside their encounter suits, which may have extra shielding. The Shadows are 'naked' in comparison. Sheridan was able to, if not kill one, hold his own against one of the Shadows with his little PPG on Z'Ha'Dum.

Then again, a little poison almost killed Kosh. I guess they had different strengths and weaknesses.
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