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A thread about the future of B5TV

As JMS takes a step into a new river, not being the same person, I understand completely.

When I created this site in 2001 - 20 years ago eesh - I was already late to the B5 party. The site was - B5 Legend of the Rangers. I was a new fan and wanted to promote this new series. Creating community is hard, but it literally took off in a week. I don't know how, that's just how it worked in the internet of old. It's a time we looked for commonality, rather that what divides us perhaps.

This was a time when there was no Twitter, no Facebook and Google was still an upstart.

JMS learned of the site and told the cast and most of them joined and contributed, it was just fantastic. While Legend of the Rangers never made it, I cherish this moment that the fans and cast came together.

I have made life-long friends from this site, having met some of them in person over the years. It's fair to say, as a site, it's died off... but there are bonds here that have not been broken.

I considered closing the forums at one point but thankfully I didn't. I then moved on to thinking that I will preserve these forums as a testament to the sure human brilliance that was the original B5. We have lost SO many great people from this show and I want to preserve some of their impact.

Now, we have the curveball of a new show! I went from being dismissive, to sceptical to okay... quite up for this in the space of two days. JMS is JMS. He says stuff, I believe him. He makes me believe. And quite frankly in this world we live in 20 years later, I want to believe.

Modern sci-fi has abandoned its purpose. It was meant to broaden minds, challenge and inspire. Take the issues of the day, but use them as an allegory and raise us up.

I look to things like modern Star Trek and it has none of the intelligence or nuance to do this. It's angry people with angry and scared minds and it shows. I can't remember the last time I was inspired by sci-fi.

That's a big ask for the new B5, but I don't think in anything I've seen or read from JMS since that he will be that "Argh let's cut ourselves life is shit" TV that seems to be the norm now. He may be just what the doctor ordered for sci-fi...

So... the future of B5TV. I have, for a while, thought about upgrading the site. I don't see myself going back to news reporting. I would love to, but that guy that spent hours building a site 20 years ago isn't the guy I am now.

Partially because of my life. I have one, my PC is not my main focus. I don't have the energy or inclination. It's not even financially appealing. Back then you could do advertising and referral links and make a nice income that warrants it. Now Google and the other big giants have made the internet a very inhospitable place for content creators.

But I pledge, at least, to give the forums a new lick of paint.

Babylon is ready to rise again. And this site will be there.
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