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Re: JMS approved Chronological viewing order

Originally Posted by b5historyman View Post

I'd like to think that Harriman did get to join EarthForce after the Corps was disbanded.
Yes that is a pleasant way to envision his future. He is definitely a guest star with an expanded universe story I would love to see, but then again I feel that way about almost every guest star.

So I just watched A Race Through Dark Places, 2.8 followed by Soul Mates, 2.7 and I have to say I really like this dynamic shift for Talia. I know A Race Through Dark Places is perhaps a larger scope story for her so having the smaller B plot for Soul Mates come first seems more logical, but I think this way works better. First she finds out about Psi Corps then she deals with the possibility of a way out. Plus it puts a FAR more sinister twist into why Stoner shows up on B5. It tells the audience that maybe Bester didn't entirely believer her when he left at the end of A Race Through Dark Places, so maybe he suggested it would be to Stoner's advantage to go to B5 and check things out. It just gels together very well.
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