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Re: JMS approved Chronological viewing order

Okay, I have slowed down a little bit, but I just finished Eyes, 1.16. I have to say that knowing where the story is headed I really feel putting this episode a little closer to the end of the season puts a bit more spin on Sinclair leaving and Sheridan coming into replace him. I almost wish Sheridan would turn out to be dirty. LOL

I REALLY wish Harriman Gray had returned, and not just because I love Jeffrey Combs. I think having a Psi Corps character who is possibly more devoted to Earth Force than the Psi Corps is a VERY interesting dynamic that would have been an excellent avenue to explore.

So as I will likely say many more times, this watch order is REALLY paying off IMHO. It is weird, but I feel like this watch order is steadily increasing the tension over all the episodes with more of a snowball effect than the original episode order. Having Signs and Portents, 1.13, a bit later in the season really helps give it that effect.
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