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Re: EpDis: Signs And Portents

"The Shadows have come for Lord Kiro. The Shadows have come for us all!"

Ah, Signs and Portents, the heart and soul of Season 1. It's entirely fitting that this episode and the season have the same name. What a great episode! First appearance of a Shadow ship, and of Mr. Morden. Gloomy visions of the future from Lady Ladira. Sinclair is finding out more about his experience at the Battle of the Line, and the Minbari's interest in him ... It's great stuff all around.

Little things noted during this viewing:
  • Why does Morden's ID work? I think I have commented on this in a later thread (presumably in the thread for "In the Shadow of Z'ha'dum"), and I guess the question belongs there more than it does here because we don't yet know anything about Morden in this episode ...
  • Delenn has a Shadow detector on her forehead? What IS that?
  • That's a pretty fantastic mullet on Corwin, there
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