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Re: Is the Lost Tales DVD a DVD-R?

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Could you give an outline of that story? Or maybe even a link to the script?

Only online reference I know of was on the B5Books entry which mentioned the Unproduced Episode being in that particular book. Read the script just once a few years ago.
At the time was more focused on the front cover somehow peeling off and trying to glue it back into place.

-- Babylon 5: The Scripts of J. Michael Straczynski, TV Movies
The lost tale from The Lost Tales. Did you know that there were originally three lost tales, not two?
The middle segment, never produced due to production considerations, featured Michael Garibaldi making
a startling discovery on Mars. Only a handful of people involved in the production have ever read this
script, but now you can enjoy this "lost" installment.

The TV Movies book can be found "used" on Ebay by various sellers at various times at various prices, and also on Amazon.
Just another treasure that Captain J and Company included when compiling the original B5Books series!!

Guessing the plot isn't a secret, so will try to give it a Blurb summary...

Apologies if I get details wrong or forget key points.
Garibaldi is on Mars running Edgars Industries, and he isn't happy.

He is contacted as one of the many Edgars Industries projects is searching Mars for evidence of past civilizations. Lots of false alarms, but this time It's For Real. He and One Other Person (?) go to check the dig site, but Bad Stuff Happens when some rival/Not-Nice group attacks leaving Garibaldi and the Other Person as the only Good Guys still alive. Might also involve a destroyed mine elevator, but the Good Guys end up being trapped in the underground dig site - help won't be arriving anytime soon and they are too far underground, etc...

Garibaldi and the Other Person are separated. Garibaldi is fine but the Other Person is injured/immobilized, although he can still communicate with Garibaldi via radio. They talk about stuff, and the underlying message is that "A Parent Needs to Step Away So The Child Can Grow On Their Own." Garibaldi discovers/explores an underground cavern (?) which contains an ancient Martian city. I can't recall if the Not-Nice People are still involved at this point, but the focus is on Garibaldi and his newfound sense of wonder exploring the lost city and communicating this via radio to the Other Person. While exploring he picks up an Artifact (?) and places it in his pocket.

More Stuff Happens, and... ...the entire city/cavern (?) Goes Whoosh as the ancients are STILL Sort of Around and keeping an eye on humanity, like a Parent keeping an eye on their Child. Child cannot Grow if it thinks the Parent is still there to influence things, and concrete proof of a previous civilization would influence humanity's development, etc.

Garibaldi is eventually rescued, and he asks about the Other Person. Turns out the Other Person had been dead for A Long Time, and so who was Garibaldi speaking with on the radio? Garibaldi reaches into his pocket (?) and pulls out the Artifact that didn't Go Whoosh with everything else. At least he knows what he saw/heard wasn't his imagination. Refreshed by this amazing experience, Garibaldi has a new perspective on things and is happy.

My mind is mush, but guess one reason this segment didn't get produced was the expense of the sets, so we ended up with two out of three stories on the DVD.
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