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Re: Are people born with a love of space adventure?

Originally Posted by EnochTheProphet View Post
I would agree with Looney, many people refuse to try and understand science fiction. However, when it comes to many shows like Breaking Bad or Mr. Robot, I would argue they show their Sci-Fi influence on their sleeve. Many people are more accepting of those shows because it's set in the modern era, something that is more tangible to viewers than spaceships. Yet it was many Sci-Fi shows that came before who set the precedent for what a 40+ minute drama could be. Even Bryan Cranston's earliest roles were on B5 albeit for one episode.

I didn't truly understand or appreciate sci-fi until I got older. Maybe because my brother would watch the cheesiest stuff available on the Sci-Fi (now SyFy lol) network. Obviously all the space stuff is just a guise for the real meat of what makes sci-fi so good. It's able to tackle issues that we face while still being a part of its own world. I didn't understand that until much later in my life. I think it's truly an acquired taste because there's a lot of bad sci-fi material out there as well.
You know I've often thought one plus of immortality would be seeing which SciFi story came closest to getting it right. But in all seriousness with regard to the context of Science Fiction exploring issues we deal with today I certainly hope by the time any of those possible futures become a reality that we've moved passed so many of those issues. Doubtful because most of the stories just deal with human nature, desire, greed, selfishness, and so on, but one can dream................
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