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Re: Eureka (2006-2012)


Okay so I have been taking a break from Eureka to start a 31 Day Horror Movie Marathon. It hasn't been going great. The goal is to see 31 Horror/Ghost/Monster/Halloween movies I've never seen before and I've seen a lot of stinkers already. The BEST ones I've seen so far have been GET OUT (2017) and HOCUS POCUS (1993).

I watched one that was a pretty good movie, but I would never ever, ever, ever watch again because it profoundly depressed me. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone because I don't want people to be depressed. ACACIA {Original Title - AKASIA} (2003) is a Korean film that made it so I had to watch something more light-hearted immediately and the Eureka Season One Finale, ONCE IN A LIFETIME 1.12, was my choice. (It honestly didn't help much. ACACIA (2003) is going to haunt me for awhile.)

Okay sooo moving on....


IMDB Synopsis
After another lab accident Jack wakens to a whole new world. ..... (This sums it up perfectly. I wish I had be tabulating how many of these episodes were going to revolve around lab accidents. 20/20 Hindsight)

(This references several Season One Episodes.)

Hmmmm.... I can't say I liked a lot of this one.
Spoiler for spoiler:
I liked that we might get a reason why Stark turns completely evil. It was a nice glimpse at an alternate history, but ...

Spoiler for spoiler: was far too utopian. I mean one might argue that if Kim doesn't live then all of their lives really go wrong - look at how Zoe turned around. That may not happen. I also didn't like that Carter was the only person, other than Henry, to magically remember the alternate timeline.
That didn't make any sense at all.

All and all I guess it was a decent Season Ender that could have doubled as a Series Ender if necessary. DEFINITELY looking forward to Season Two.

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