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Re: The Mandalorian (On Disney+)

Originally Posted by Demonn View Post
When I first heard about this someone said it was gonna be Boba Fett... I think they've moved on from that idea but it's still possibly Boba. They don't give a name for him. That alone is kinda interesting... you got a no named Mandalorian Bounty Hunter with underworld connections going around snatching people up in a chaotic time full of work... He could possibly be wanted himself. Whatever his name is, it's gonna be an epic reveal. I hope...
That would be a heck of a twist though Boba should really look like Temuera Morrison, since he's a clone of Jango, and the Mandalorian is being played by Pedro Pascal. But I'd love it if Boba somehow survived the Sarlacc Pit in ROTJ and has a face-off with the Mandalorian at some point!

I love the cast they've got for this Pedro Pascal, Carl Weathers, Werner Herzog, Gina Carano, Nick Nolte and it's cool seeing all the Star Wars aliens again in the latest trailer. Really does feel like Star Wars! Shame I won't get to see it until they release the Blu-Ray over here... Disney aren't even launching their new channel in the UK until next year (really Disney, that's just going to increase piracy), and I've no intention of subscribing for just one show (besides, my money will already be going to Amazon Prime for The Expanse, Picard, Jack Ryan, LOTR...)
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