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Re: The Dresden Files

So far, so good. Remains to be seen how it goes as series over the long haul, though.

They're building a kinda interesting collection of recurring characters ...... well, what could turn out to be that, at any rate. I think the only non-regular who has actually shown up more than once so far is Bianca the vampire. (Or have they shown the same Wizard Internal Affairs equivalent a couple times? Not Morgan, him I consider a regular, above him.) But it's early enough in the run of the show that not having them come back yet doesn't mean that everything and everyone is going to just disappear as a one-off.

And they've been dropping some references to backstory (and partially sketching in some bits of it) that hasn't been entirely filled in for the audience yet (at least not when I've watched; I think I've missed one or two though).

It was nice seeing Claudia Black do a turn as a P.I.'s assistant turned P.I. (when her boss is killed) in the last episode.

Like a lot of shows, I think it helps a lot if their sense of humor appeals to you. (We're back to Cartagia's one truly rational quote: "Humor is so subjective".)

I haven't seen enough of Charmed to comment on the comparison.
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