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Re: The Dresden Files

Originally Posted by Demonn View Post
Pretty sure kindle has the same release date... I know I'd kill someone if I was waiting on the book & somebody was like, "oh yeah, I have that already on Kindle." But then I would also have my own Kindle after that.

I have the older paperbacks up until 10 or so & then all the newer hard covers. Just reread everything a month or two ago so I'm really looking 4ward to Skin Game.

Spoiler for Skin Game:
I was surprised to see that Nicodemous was still alive & kickin' when I read the thing for the book.. I was like 80% sure he was dead. I wanted him to be dead. Now I'm kinda glad he isn't though.
Jim Butcher tweeted me back:

Jim Butcher Dot Com
@MacBreck Same day! Amazon should add a preorder link soon. We'll post an announcement when it's available. (03:14 AM - 21 Dec 13)

BTW, I got paperbacks of #1 "Storm Front" thru #10 "Small Favor" and "Side Jobs." Starting with "Turn Coat" I went to hardbacks. However, now I have everything also on Kindle, including Blood Lite, Dangerous Women ("Bombshells" about Molly Carpenter, i.e. from her POV.), and Ghoul/Goblin.

ps. Based upon the title, I thought that "Skin Game" would be about skin walkers (naagloshii).
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