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Re: Reading Between The Lines - The Gathering

Okay so I know I have dropped the ball on this for a bit, but I've written a lot and I decided to break it up and do smaller posts, one thing at a time so to speak. Picking up where I left off. I could try to analyze every scene and line of dialogue, but nobody wants that. I am trying to break it down and just try to mention some interesting observations from my perspective. As The Gathering gets going JMS gives us a taste for how things are working; people and ships are coming and going. There are MANY opportunities for me to Read Between The Lines.

Side Notes – The fact that Lyta needs Sinclair’s personal approval to board the station is interesting. Does anyone know if JMS meant for this to continue with all Telepaths or was this just meant to establish some significance to her coming to B5 in an official capacity?

One scene I love is the exposition of Sinclair walking with Lyta when she arrives in both versions. I understand why some of it was removed for the Special Edition, but despite some effects that people might think look a little silly I think this journey works in both versions. The dialogue seems like blatant exposition Lyta should already know as an “Official Psi Corps Representative”, but I feel the way O’Hare delivers it almost sounds like he is a tour guide who is simultaneously delivering a legal disclaimer. She is the Official Psi Corps Representative and it seems like he is giving her the shtick that the higher-ups require him to deliver before they give her any authority. It is brilliant because he is also telling the audience about the station and how things work as they walk through a critical sector. I don't know if this is exactly "Reading Between The Lines" or just recognition that I feel there is more to what O'Hare is doing than just saying his lines. When I hear his delivery I hear the information, but the way he is saying the words gives me a duel reaction.

On the flip side what doesn’t work so well for me is when Lyta asks “Why Babylon 5?” She is the Official Psi Corps Representative and she did zero research?! I mean you could say that she was possibly busy with training during the time frame the Babylon Station’s construction was in the news, I know I missed a lot of world events when I was in college, but to say she got the assignment and then didn’t look up the info about where she was going seems very off - especially given Babylon 5's high profile. I know it is meant for the audience, but as brilliant as I feel it is when Sinclair is laying out the info to her I feel the opposite when she needs to be told why this is the fifth station. I don't mean Patricia Tallman did anything wrong. I just feel that maybe it was a poor choice to put that bit of exposition at that moment.

So there is a little bit. I know it isn't mind-blowing, but it is compartmentalized.
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