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Re: B5 Limited Edition Screensaver (1995) Project

Originally Posted by DaddyM0E View Post
As the years have gone by it has become more and more frustrating to get any of the content to play on today's (Win10) machines. I used to just LOVE having the short cut-scenes play at boot-up and have all the beeps, boops and other B5 unique sounds play as my whole computer was taken over by the B5 "Theme" from installing the software. Sadly, it was published back in 1995 and DOS was still in use. Naturally this causes our current computers to reject even trying to run the installation due to incompatibility.

I can find a few media players that can recognize that when I open the .AVI file to also use the corresponding .TSS file so I get both audio and video and not just the audio. I was hoping to find a way to "uncomplicate" that to just one single file each by means of some type of conversion process.

Also, as there are a LOT of image files and such on the CD in .BAF format that, according to the accompanying documentation.... "This screen saver is the .SCR module which manages and displays the Babylon 5 image (.BAF) files. These files are stored in a format containing bot graphics and audio data, and can only be played through the Babylon 5 Carousel." .... How disappointing.

Having said all that, I am old and just a wee-bit of a technology hoarder and I'm fairly sure I could get an old win-95 (DOS) system up and running just to install the software, but then what? That's not a machine ANY of us would use just for the sake of the boot-up sequence.....well....maybe myself. :-)

Has anyone ever even tried this? I'm sure that some have. Please let me know if there is anything you think I might want to try. I really miss the whole B5 theme running, especially the boot-up intro music and mini-clips from the show.
WOW!!!!! Honestly I can't even translate most of that. I can type a little and that is just about the pinnacle of my technology knowledge. I am absolutely SHOCKED that others haven't replied as it seems like there are more than a few folks around here who might have some answers.

Welcome to the discussions. Feel free to kick back and share more thoughts. Hopefully you'll hear from some people who can help with your issue.
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