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Re: Episode Discussion (EpDis) Thread Index

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Welcome to the site, share your comments with us as you watch, we love watching vicariously through new eyes
This wasn't directed at me, but I'm taking it as a general statement - thanks! I'd also like to thank VL for this thread; it's been an invaluable resource for a latecomer to this forum such as myself. I've enjoyed reading others' comments and the linked guide pages for additional information, and I might not have found them otherwise. I resolved to, at least this one time, post on each episode. I'm almost finished with the series proper, so have "only" the movies and Crusade to go. I hope someone's still out there to read...
Yes, it was a general statement, directed at anyone experiencing it for the first time (or even doing a re-watch after awhile away from it). We love the fresh perspectives, and you ahve done a great job, I ahven't commented on many of your posts, but, it's been a pleasure reading eacha nd every one of them.
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