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Re: Is it time to give season 5 another chance?

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The music really wasn’t this intrusive in previous seasons; imdb says the editor for this episode was Kathie Burr, who only became editor in season 5, so I’m guessing it’s her choice?
The way the music worked in the show was that JMS would sit with Chris Franke and "spot" the episode - marking exactly where Joe wanted music and how long it would last and of what type (sad, fast, funny, etc.), and then Chris would compose it.
While the spotting is part of the problem, as is the composition, it's also the audio level it is mixed in at. I don't recall there being this problem in the previous seasons but it seems quite prevalent in season 5.

And Skeletor as a species might have been quite fun... or quite grating. Hard to say really! Not sure we really got that with the Drakh though.
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