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Re: WB considering HD update

Originally Posted by Springer View Post
Can anyone recommend any animation that would be in a style suitable for B5? I don't think I ever really watched Clone Wars or Rebels, it looked a bit too kid-friendly (which is perfectly fine and totally appropriate for Star Wars, it just didn't interest me personally). There was the hyperreal CGI animation in the Love, Death and Robots series on Netflix, which looked good but that might hit a bit too close to the uncanny valley, especially for those actors no longer with us.
I'd be all for traditional animation, or something quite stylised. I like, for instance, what I'm seeing on Invincible. I could also see an anime style working too, something along the lines of Cowboy Bebop for example. As long as it was well executed and had it's own visual identity it would work. I think animation is a bit under utilised as a medium for long form storytelling beyond tween / teen stuff.

Take, for instance the Avatar: The Last Airbender series... that to me had a lot of the same tropes as B5 and told a very good long form story with some great character development. It's a great medium and I wish the west would use it more.

I'm not that fond of the CGI heavy look of clone wars either. Give me some Gendy Tarkovsky over that any day of the week.

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