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Re: Mark Oshiro watches Babylon 5

His Season 2 predictions are remarkably accurate, with a few glaring exceptions:

Season 2 Predictions

We will discover Delenn’s new form in the first episode.
I am also guessing this is why I cannot watch the opening credits for the first two episodes.
I am guessing that Delenn is a new form of her species.
Garibaldi will recover by the end of the second episode.
Talia and Ivanova will clash over the Psi Corps again this season.
We’ll see Bester again.
We will also see Morden multiple times.
Mollari will continue working with the Shadows.
Bonus points if he knows who he has allied with and keeps doing it anyway.
Sinclair will discover the truth about the Battle of the Line, but not until the end of the second episode, when Delenn tells him.
There will be another episode about Garibaldi’s alcoholism.
We will find out where G’Kar went to in the first episode.
The new president is gonna be THE WORST.
Home Guard will also be THE WORST and will escalate their attacks and their presence in the galaxy.
A war of some sort will break out at the end of season two.
I think it’ll be the Shadows/the Centauri versus… everyone else?
Ambassador Kosh will show someone else their true form.
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