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Originally Posted by Triple F View Post
Republibot (you've been quiet : ),
Yeah, life got in the way. Rough couple of years.

Originally Posted by Triple F View Post
and your absolutely correct. jms most certainly doesn’t like – or want – fan made video or audio. You may have heard of Novo Babylonia. They’ve been producing a B5 audio drama for a few years – real below the radar type stuff. I posted a message about it a few months back and the fans overwhelmingly approved of it. One, however, who didn’t approve went and asked jms his opinion over on his facebook page.... The full exchange can be found here – some interesting comments.
Warner couldn’t give a flying monkey that fans are creating an audio drama – as you say it keeps interest in the property alive, and they know it.
Wow! Never heard of it before now. I just checked out their website, and man is that one seriously-threadbare Wiki! Wow.

The Facebook comments were - some of 'em - kind of antagonistic. I'm a fan of Fan Films (But not so much fanfic for some reason, dunno why), and I recognize they're a MASSIVE copyright infringement, and I can totally understand JMS getting pissed about it. And I can totally understand wanting to do it anyway. But I will never in a million years understand someone saying crap like what that Sammy Yousef guy said:

i strongly disapprove of artists trying to retain control of their work when they produce nothing new with their characters. where would you be jms without prior art to draw from? should you owe the descendants of the creators of arthurian legend or the bible money for adapting their stories. or perhaps sir arhur conan doyles for comes the inquisitor. all your hard work and brilliant story telling is worthless without the fans appreciation. if you cant appreciate them at least have the deceny untelligence and enlightenment of self interest to leave a few nerds producing a mediocre fan fict audio drama on no buget for no profit alone. they are no threat to u or warner
Seriously: what kind of jerk walks up to a writer and says "You have no rights to your work anymore, it belongs to me, and how dare you tell me I can't do whatever I want?" That's essentially what he's doing. Sheesh. I've run into a lot of people like that - Fanficers mostly - and I just can't understand that kind of attitude.

Thanks for the link!

Unrelated to that:

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