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Re: Watching Babylon 5 in 2015

One thing I notice (or am reminded of) now when I watch B5 that has to do with how much time has passed since the making of this show (and not at all with my own age) is how many of the actors have died. I can't help but think of that when I see them on screen. Especially in scenes with, say, Dr. Franklin and Sinclair. It's sad.

Another thing that is more related to my own age and not the age of the show: It wasn't until I was in my thirties* and had gone through many rewatches that I started noticing the "daddy issues" theme. Lots of problematic father-child relationships on display in Babylon 5. Having heard JMS speak about his own problematic relationship with his father, I can see where that might be coming from ... It isn't just the very obvious situations, like with Ivanova and her dad, or the relationship between Dr. and General Franklin, there's also the more subtle stuff, like Kosh appearing to people in the shape of their father. There's just a lot of "father" stuff all around.

*And possibly not coincidentally, had lost my own father.
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