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Re: EpDis: Babylon Squared

I do wonder exactly to what extent the other half of this arc actually changed after Michael O' Hare left. Presumably what we're really seeing in the brief scene when they touch are husband and wife Sinclair and Delenn saying their final tearful goodbyes before he rides back into the past to fulfil his ineluctable destiny as Valen... And then Delenn gets up every morning before dawn to watch the sun come up.. (this being the same alternate universe in which a determined Sinclair crashes the nukes into Z'ha'dum at the end of Season 3 as a Shadow-possessed Catherine Sakai advances slowly towards him..)

Babylon Squared is a good solid A for being completely off the wall, and because the mere act of making an episode like this demonstrated such incredible faith in the series' future (or on the other hand, perhaps JMS just never seriously believed they'd end up having to make the other half )..
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