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Re: EpDis: No Compromises

I just finished watching No Compromises and I'm feeling pretty positive about this episode. I was pleasantly surprised, really. I always feel kind of sad when I get to the fifth season, but this is really a pretty solid episode, and despite the change in cast, it doesn't feel all that different from the episodes that came before.

I'm a big fan of the Season 5 opening sequence, and the new music. It's all very solid. I love the swearing in ceremony bits, and anything with G'Kar. I can't say I'm entirely crazy about the idea that swearing-in ceremonies would still involve holy books in the 23rd century, but I guess I'll get over it.

I feel a bit "Urgh, Byron" when he shows up, but he's really not horrible in this episode. There's no hint of just how annoying that telepath storyline is going to be .. which in truth is partially the case because the episodes got squished closer together and not JUST because Byron is annoying. I have to cringe at how they call Simon "Special Simon" though. And of course Special Simon saves the day and dies in the process. It's sort of weird that that assassin guy starts shooting into the ceiling immediately upon hearing a strange sound. Who does that? Or is he perhaps a telepath, too?

Lochley doesn't make the best first impression. She's all hardass to Corwin when she first gets there. I don't really have anything against the character, it's just unfortunate that she had to come in for the fifth season like that. What a thankless role ... Everyone's painfully aware that she's not Ivanova. I kinda feel they could have gone with someone a bit more different-looking to make it more obvious that this character isn't supposed to be an Ivanova clone. Instead we get another white woman with long brown hair. Also her relationship to Sheridan (not yet revealed in this episode) sort of annoys me. Came out of nowhere, that.

But, like I said, I quite like it. There's a lot worse episodes in this season.
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