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Re: Remastering Season 1

Originally Posted by Moonface View Post
May I ask what you mean by "cutting the scenes?" IS it cutting as in cropping or cutting as in shortening?
What I mean is I cut the scenes changes, i.e. from the bridge of the station to the bar area. I did this because if you just set one enhancement setting for the whole episode, some scenes don't clean up as well, so those I cut, redid under a different setting and them put in back in. Don't worry about the cuts, they are clean in the final version and that sample in the video was just slapped together using random clips form episode 1

Originally Posted by Springer View Post
I say leave some grain in! I find that grain can help add texture to the picture, and avoids things like people's faces becoming too smooth and waxy looking, which I can see a little bit here (the Predator blu-ray was notorious for this).

Do you think it makes the sets look better or worse?
yep, I try to leave a little grain in as much as I can and agree that you have to be careful with the plastic look. The problem I have is I am doing this on a PC and a PC monitor processes the film different to a TV,(TVs apply filters whether you want them or not) so am trying to get it look good on both. The big problem though is if you ever see on set photos, the actors are plastered with makeup they look plastic to start with, especially the women

As for the sets, they look so much better when remastered properly but they do expose how cheap some things were made. The only thing I wish I could change is the CGI, as no amount of editing is ever going to make it look great and modern.

btw, I will share somehow when I'm done

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