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Re: Remastering Season 1

I say leave some grain in! I find that grain can help add texture to the picture, and avoids things like people's faces becoming too smooth and waxy looking, which I can see a little bit here (the Predator blu-ray was notorious for this).

But I really do like how the colours really pop in this remaster, and the backgrounds are much sharper. Overall it looks great, I wish I had the skills to do something like this!

Here's a possibly interesting debate to have: B5 was obviously made on a budget and although a lot of care and ingenuity went into the sets, at the end of the day they're still plywood and paint. The previous low quality releases of the show hid some of this, but now in HD we can see how that data crystal port is made of wood, or how rickety certain sets are. While I think the HD remasters, including Clivey's, really help show how colourful the show was, and all the gorgeous details in costumes etc, do you think it makes the sets look better or worse?

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