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Re: Question about the Drakh.........?

Originally Posted by KoshN View Post
In "Lines of Communication" that Drakh was the Drakh Emissary (a diplomat/spy?), and the blurring effect was used there and only there. I couldn't find any mention by JMS on rastb5m or jmsnews where he said he did not like the look and added the blurring effect to make it look better. Personally, I liked the blurring effect. Also notice that he seemed to have an interference effect on the Whitestar's power systems (e.g. lighting) as he walks through the ship. Could have been a watered down version of Shadow Sentient phasing effects. Maybe the Drakh just couldn't get it quite right (Turn the phasing either fully on or off.), or they did it part way (not entirely visible or invisible) to intimidate/impress the Minbari.
I know I have read here more than once that the blurring was done because JMS was unhappy with the look of the costume, but I have no links to offer.

I too liked the blurring effect, and was disappointed when it was not continued. I also thought of the Shadows' phasing effect. I assumed that the Drakh were phasing in enough to be visible, but not tangible, and therefore vulnerable. Obviously, they did want to be seen, unlike the Shadows.
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