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Re: EpDis: Messages From Earth

This episode is chockful of interesting stuff! I like seeing the direction G'Kar is taking, and his comments about no distractions and the benefit of silence are great.

I too took note of the martial drums in several scenes - we heard them an episode earlier in a humorous context (Ivanova bringing "back" the roses to Marcus), now they feel ominous in the scene with Dr. Kirkish and when Sheridan and Delenn leave the station for what could have been their last fight.

Some interesting camera and light work - G'Kar's head moving back into the shadow when Garibaldi's visit ends, the slow motion camera going past each member of the conspiracy when Dr. Kirkish is there, to mention only a couple.

The Night Watch liason scares me - he really believes in what EarthGov is doing, and that kind of self-righteous person is extremely difficult to handle. When he says that watching people on the security cameras is feeling like God, we can see some of the motivation that drives him.

In contrast, Zack's increasing discomfort with NightWatch and its policies is becoming very obvious. Lots of arc-relevant elements in this episode!
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