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Re: New To Babylon 5

Originally Posted by Axionz View Post
Not too sure if I will re-watch the last season to be honest, I really wasn't a big fan of all the major changes that went down leading into that season, Ivanova leaving, Garibaldi completely changed roles and wasn't in as many episodes due to that, Londo was pretty much gone at this stage as well, Sheridan stepping down and taking on the more political role as president of the alliance, I mean he really went on the back burner because of this role and it just felt completely wrong for him to go this direction.
I can only tell you that you're mis-remembering, *expecially* if you think " Londo was pretty much gone at this stage as well," Suggest you try to go into it with fresh eyes, unprejudiced by Christian having bailed and see what you think. Yeah, there were changes to all the characters, that's exactly how the show was designed.
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