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Re: New To Babylon 5

And now I shall throw on my speculation rings on my fingers and begin to type.......

As much as it pains me to say this it actually makes sense that Ivanova would move on. It was established she eventually wanted to Captain a ship and the Wars gave her a taste of what she wanted. Couple that with other aspects of her story and it is kind of a natural spot for her to move on from that phase of her life. Setting aside it being a TV show that had the framework established of natural a progression for her to take over B5, the reality of the situation is that Earth would insist a third party take command of Babylon 5. They would view Ivanova as Sheridan's puppet and feel they never had a fair hand in what happened on B5 if she were in charge.

Going the other direction, couldn't it have been a great spinoff series to follow her after she left?! Just think of how that could have been a great ship-bound Babylon 5 story. Think of how she would have had to deal with all the issues that would have come up from what had happened in the Civil War. And imagine how she could have fit into the continuing story from a distance while dealing with similar issues.

Okay taking the rings off and returning to my "normal" state of being on this forum..... It just sucks that she left the show.

- But I have no problem with Lochley.
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