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Re: Has There Been Any News Re. The New B5 ~2016+~ Theatrical Movie?

Originally Posted by pine22 View Post
I did see people posting and mentioning a B5 movie in 2016 in the B5 Facebook group that I belong to, but there really wasn't much more than speculation and questions.....not much info given.
Not really. Basically JMS announced a few years ago that he was in the process of moving forward with a theatrical movie because he has the theatrical film rights to B5. He thought he could raise enough interest (money) on his own for the project, but he wanted Warner Brothers on board to match what other investors he could come up with. He wanted them on board, but if he could raise enough on his own he would move forward if they didn't have interest in the project. He fully recognized that he needed to gain more "street cred" to raise these funds. I think he was hopeful his current projects, at the time, would help to grow that "street cred". To date he has said he hasn't been able to generate as much interest (money) as he hoped to do the movie the right way. Health issues slowed him down the last year or so, but he has some big projects on the horizon. Basically we're still waiting to hear him announce that the screen play is finished, which is likely something he won't do until he knows the project is moving forward with at least a budget of one hundred million dollars. I can't confirm this is the truth, but it seems I read a year or more ago that he said he was only at about sixty million. Again I can't confirm that is the truth, but it seems he said something like that; maybe it was something like he thought he could raise around sixty percent of what he wanted or something.

There has been a lot of speculation that he has given up because of certain things he has said, but I have never heard that he said he is abandoning the idea. All I've heard is that he is struggling with the problem of what to do with the fact that every day that passes makes the franchise interest grow colder.

What info you can't find here you can find over on JMS News forum. There you'll find more specific answers and exact quotes. I will tell Jan over there and see if she has anything to add to what I've said over here. She'll be able to correct any mistakes I've made.
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