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Re: EpDis: The Gathering

Originally Posted by Alexa View Post
Also....something that has struck me since I first started watching...well, I guess it was years ago. I think JMS liked to play with our prejudices a little. He made Londo a sympathetic character at first, and G`Kar the villian....then switched them about (at least partially). I think people were very ready to accept that the more 'human' looking Londo was a good guy, and the very 'alien' G`Kar was the evil. I wonder how some reacted when they were 'switched'?
I agree completely that JMS was playing with our prejudices. But, I don't think G'Kar was exactly a villain. He was made out to be an angry, accusatory, hot-head, which is not exactly a sympathetic character to most people. But, he and the Narns had every right to feel that way, given their history with the Centauri. So, I liked G'Kar from the start, because I sympathized with his feelings right away. He grew to be by far my favorite character.
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