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Re: EpDis: In The Shadow Of Z\'ha\'dum

It is a fine episode indeed in that we get to see Sheridan act like something other than the perfect hero. Too often, shows and movies have heroes that are so "good" that even if they are tempted to do evil that the audience never believes that the character was really challenged or torn.

It is a minor quibble but when Delenn and Kosh came to Sheridan, I thought the captain was a bit too slow in comprehending that the Vorlons were one of the first ones. I understand that the Vorlons have done their best to conceal their identity but when Delenn mentioned that one of the other First Ones was still around, I think it would have been better if Sheridan had paused and then asked "The Vorlons?" while looking at Kosh. Others may disagree but that is how I saw that scene anyway.
With foreknowledge of the series, yea, it makes more sense. But a first run through the series, I think it plays better with Sheridan in ignorance.
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