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Re: Star Trek Picard Series

Oh dear... where to start with the season finale? Or indeed the season seen as a whole. WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD

Magical tech solves all the plot problems!

Characters are mysteriously emotional about people they barely know!

The entire crew have barely had the chance to get to know each other, yet they are all VERY upset about Picard. Also, Data and Picard were never that close and the whole data thing feels weirdly tacked on.

Also, why have we never heard of this all powerful machine AI that's coming to wipe out everyone? I wondered if there could be a link to Control in Disco, but nope.

I enjoyed Riker turning up with a fleet, but again it all seemed so implausible given the stance of the Federation on synthetics and Picard himself.

This whole season was just a mess, and I feel like they could have opted for a 2 hour pilot movie that throws the disparate characters together, then we get proper 'episodes' on the ship. The whole Dahj and Soji / Romluan / Borg plot could have been scrapped with minimal impact, which says a lot about its quality.

So, where the season ends finally puts us in a good place for a more traditional Trek show where the crew go have adventures. Hey, maybe we can ever get some character development and get to know them!?

But, as I see it, there's no 'why' or overarching purpose to them together as a crew now. Overall, this was a pretty terrible season of TV that could have been so much more.

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