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Re: Endgadget article on B5 effects

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Is it really that controversial? JMS always said that the split from Foundation was monetary and being unwilling to meet their terms. Severed Dreams was a big episode and undoubtedly cost a lot. It stands to reason that the producers would be concerned about increasingly larger bills from Foundation whenever a big episode hit. Imagine how much they'd have charged for Endgame.
Suffice to say that there was a major conflict of interest there.
Ah, I see what you're referring to now. Since I have zero facts about that particular allegation, I'll bow out of that part of the discussion.

Still, it's interesting to know that it cost an extra $100,000 to do the effects for Severed Dreams. The average budget per episode for the show was about $800,000 wasn't it? It shows how ambitious an episode that was, and gives some indication of what the special effects cost. Season 3 in particular was very effects laden compared to the previous two seasons, I always wondered how they budgeted for it.

A bit more about Teranex here:

If only...
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