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Re: Biggest unanswered questions...

Originally Posted by B5_Obsessed View Post
I wasn't a fan of the explanation in the Technomage series. It was a big ret-con that totally changes everything about the sequence. Since you are concerned about spoilers I can't even say more than that. As for the bombardment of Z'ha'Dum, I would assume it was some combination of the First Ones, possibly including the Vorlons, and that it occurred way before humanoid civilizations arose in the galaxy.
I don't think it retconned anything. Look at the sequence of events between Sheridan firing his PPG and then staggering along the cavern wall to the balcony. There's plainly been a bit of a battle as he's bloodied and his uniform is torn. All Jeanne's book does is fill in the events of that gap. Doesn't alter how things played out on screen. In fact it's in the novel outlines by Joe that Galen helps Sheridan on Z'ha'dum. And Galen is responsible for saving Morden
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