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Re: Biggest unanswered questions...

Originally Posted by KoshFan View Post

Aldus never did get to ask Kosh what the Vorlons knew, if anything. And I doubt Thomas asked before he left. And if any of the ambassadors would know, it'd be Kosh. So while I fear Thomas never found the Grail, if he at least found other seekers to keep the search going, perhaps the order did find the Grail in the end. After all, there were all those hints about cool stuff that was gonna happen eventually. Ironheart might be able to find the Grail. Or it might be on the Vorlon Homeworld.
Or I could choose to imagine that Thomas did talk to Kosh before he left and he knew exactly where to look.

Honestly I could care less if he found The Grail. The journey was the real point of the episode, not the object at the end of the journey. I just think there is a fountain of stories in the B5 universe to tell. Thomas' story is probably one I'm not very interested in, but that was an instantly recognizable reference so I used it as an example.
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