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Re: A Veritable Cloud of Ships

I like how a lot of the ships look like animals.

I hadn't noticed that the Vorlon transports look like squids. Now that i think of it, the Dreadnought was a bit like an octopus, with less legs.

The Primus is like a ray, and the Sentri fighters remind me of the brims of baseball hats.

If u put the fingertips of one hand together against its thumb, there is kind of the shape of a Minbari Sharlin Cruiser. But from afar that ships looks more like an angel fish. And the flyers they use are like flying squirrels. Maybe that is where the name came from.

I was looking at some turtles one day and noticed how much the colour pattern on their shells looked like the pattern on the Narn Heavy Cruiser. And the shape of that ship is like the head of a snake. And the way a snake's tongue zaps (usually) straight forward is like the ship's forward cannon.

The Hyperion is like a space-submarine, which will probably exist someday. Plugging in a chord one day, the prongs reminded me of an Omega coming out of hyperspace.

And Vree Saucers. Aren't those just contact lenses blowing out of your eyes in horrendous winds, catching the neon lights of downtown and drifting peacefully into the nigh?
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