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Re: The Dresden Files

Like Demonn, I, too, started with the TV show. I agree with 99% of what Demonn said, but I'm a little more forgiving of the show and wouldn't say that the show necessarily "sucked." When you watch the show, take things with a grain of salt, not like what the show says is cast in stone or is gospel. If I were you, I'd start with the show, Storm Front first. Here's the best order IMHO:

DvdEp, SciFi Airing, Production Order, Airdate, Title
D2E4, 8, 1x01, 18-Mar-07, Storm Front
D1E4, 4, 1x02, 18-Feb-07, Rules of Engagement
D1E1, 1, 1x03, 21-Jan-07, Birds of a Feather
D1E2, 2, 1x04, 28-Jan-07, The Boone Identity
D1E3, 3, 1x05, 11-Feb-07, Hair of the Dog
D2E3, 7, 1x06, 11-Mar-07, Walls
D2E1, 5, 1x07, 25-Feb-07, Bad Blood
D2E2, 6, 1x08, 4-Mar-07, Soul Beneficiary
D3E2, 10, 1x09, 1-Apr-07, What About Bob?
D3E1, 9, 1x10, 25-Mar-07, The Other Dick
D3E3, 11, 1x11, 8-Apr-07, Things That Go Bump
D3E4, 12, 1x12, 15-Apr-07, Second City

It's too bad that Sci-Fi scrambled the order and that it went that way onto the DVD set (like what happened to Crusade, with the TNT crappy order being used for that DVD set. )

I find that watching the show first helps me, as a starting point, to visualize the characters in the books. After that, I use the descriptions in the books to modify the look and personality of the characters. For characters who never appeared in the show, I cast actors who I've seen in the past for the roles that seem to suit them here. Then, as I read the books, it all plays out like a movie in my mind's eye.
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