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Re: EpDis: Day Of The Dead

My biggest gripe with the episode is the absurd notion that G'Kar, at that point in his character's arc, would be reticent -- frightened, even! -- to face the spiritual unknown. Bah, humbug!
I took G'Kar's reaction to be more like Gandalf's rejection of the Ring. The Barkiri are messing around with powerful forces that they little understand (as far as G'Kar can tell) and which have tremendous potential for evil. I think he wants to stay away from it all precisely because at this point in his spiritual journey (where his wisdom has already made him the wong kind of religious figure) he fears that he might be able to tap into that power himself and he has no idea if he would control it or it him. There's also the question of lying or false spirits. If he meets G'Quon will it be the real one, a fake or some figment of his own imagination and ego dressed up as G'Quon to tell G'Kar what he wants to hear. And how will his followers react? No one will believe him if he says he has no vistor, they'll just keep badgering him until he tells them. And how much worse will things get for him if word gets out that G'Quon personally visited G'Kar from the Great Beyond.

I think there are all sorts of reasons besides cowardice that G'Kar might fear the very notion of what is about to happen and not only avoid it himself, but counsel Lochley against allowing it and others from participating.

A lot of people I know of widely varying spiritual beliefs avoid things like Ouija boards on the purely prudential grounds that if you believe in spirits you don't want to open an unctrolled door to whoever might be wandering around out there. It isn't so much fear as humility that suggests there might be things in the universe that we can't handle and are better left un-messed-with. G'Kar's attitude towards the Dead is not unlike his attitude towards the Walkers at Sigma 927.


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