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Music Question: \"Bar Song\" in \"Face of the Enemy\"

I'm new and come from Germany!

Now, my question:
I hope you know the Song [Bar Background Music] in the B5-Episode [S04E17]: "Face of the Enemy". First when Sheridan enters the bar started the song and then when Sheridan starts to feel the effects of the tranq and things get woozy and fierce.
This song is also on the Episodic-Soundtrack-CD of Christopher Franke, but there are no credits about this song. I've contacted Chris Franke, but he also answer that the song was from him. About the female voice, I'm waiting a long time for an answer and he don't answer.

So my question: Does anbody know the female voice of the Bar Song???

It heard's like the song "Hardly Rain" of PJ Harvey and Juliette Lewis. But this are not the female voice of the bar-song. Only the guitar-intro it's the same, but not the text.

I hope one of us can help me!

many regards
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