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Re: A Faith-full Buffy

There are many characters that would make interesting spinoffs. The thing that I've been wondering about lately is continuity in the Buffy verse. I don't know if anyone has read the Fray miniseries that Joss wrote for Dark Horse comics last year? If you haven't and don't want to know I'll put some spoiler space inbetween just in case I accidentally give anything away....

Anyway, in the comic it is alluded that the last slayer was in the 21st century (the slayer isn't named but it kinda points towards Buffy) and how she closed the rift between demons and humans and as a result all demons and magiks were sealed off from our world. He even goes into a little bit of the history of the first slayer. If BTVS continues after Buffy is gone, I'm just wondering if he will stick to this continuity or not.
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