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Re: EpDis: Chrysalis

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Greetings. First time posting so am a bit on the nervous side.

Was recently rereading the B5 script books, and recalled that in the commentary section for Chrysalis JMS mentioned this scene. Beyond the visual cues to Johnson being sworn in, JMS wrote: "I wanted the sense of dislocation and shock that followed in the wake of the JFK assassination, the nearly subliminal feeling that with this one event, the wheels have come off the future." If he were to recreate a similar scene for a reboot, wonder if he would revisit this or go in another direction?
Welcome and thanks for the quote from the script books!
The assassination of JFK of course was (and still is) international recognizable, but was already about 30 years old when B5 came out. But it was so huge, that in my country in my generation only 2 US presidents where known: the one in office and JFK. Albeit we only knew that he was assassinated, not much else, and picture wise I never saw Johnsons inauguration, I only recall the video material of JFK in the car (so for us europeans the reference in "Seinfeld" was better recognizable as they went for the assassination itself)

For what JMS could use for a reboot, I think 9.11. is a really good candidate, and JMS was not afraid to go places others didn't dare. When I watched "the war prayer" with friends who knew a lot of StarTrek but not B5, the reaction to the stabbing and branding of "Shaal Mayan" was shock, one even said that that's nearly too much for her. So I can really imagine that JMS would want to go for this, but I don't think WB will let him. I didn't look into this topic for a while, but the last time I checked, wasn't there a movement that banned showing old movies/shows that featured the WTC, to not trigger anyone?
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