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Re: EpDis: Signs And Portents

Originally Posted by Springer View Post
Yes, G'Kars eye sounds more likely, though even then it's hard to square the prophecy with what happened. How would saving G'Kar's eye spare Londo his fate? Maybe it means saving G'Kar, not just his eye. But G'Kar himself said he was in the right place for his people, and he survived all of what happened to him with Cartagia, technically Londo did save him, so I dunno...

I think I agree with Sheridan's stance on prophecy - next we'll be reading chicken entrails and tea leaves!

If you remember the words of the prophecy, I think it's more metaphorical. Not literally saving Londo's life, but saving him from "The Fire that awaits him at the end of his journey" Hell. It's about his soul, IMO.

Standing up to Cartagia and protecting GKar may have help put him on the path towards salvation. He didn't, and his path remained unchanged until many years later.
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