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Re: Any fans of The Expanse in here? (Books or TV Show)

Fan of the books here, particularly the first four or five books - I feel there is a degree of diminishing returns with books 6-thru-8, but they're still entertaining and readable, and I'm looking forward to the final book being published next month. Leviathan Wakes is probably in my top ten sf books that I've read, and to be honest Caliban's War and Nemesis Games aren't that far behind it.

I've not quite taken to the TV series. I think the cast are excellent, and they're who I think of now when I read the books, but something about the show doesn't quite gel for me, and it's hard to put my finger on what that is. It feels a bit too self important, a bit too serious, to me anyway. I haven't even finished watching season 5. And I miss Miller (in show and books, but most especially in the show, I thought Thomas Jane did a great job).

But yeah, it's good stuff.

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