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Re: The future of B5TV

Originally Posted by AntonyF View Post
I've been thinking for a while that I would upgrade B5TV from its steampunk system, if only because I feel an obligation to preserve some B5 history.

Now, with the latest news, I think it's even more important.

I would love to cover news, but I think I'm just too old and lazy now. That period of just pouring my life into a website is over! But the forums at least need a refit.

Stay tuned?

I'd wager if you wanted to cover news and tidbits on the new upcoming series, you can retain your laziness and delegate. I'm sure there will be a few capable posters around here who would jump a chance to contribute and handle some of that. If that's something that you would consider, that may be an option for you in the coming weeks/months.

JMS still is active on Facebook/Twitter, and if anyone subscribes to his Paetron, there may be more inside info there (although, I guess, re-posting that here would be a big no-no as it would be behind a paywall).

Still, there may be news to be had to start up a proper blog again if that was something you wanted to do, via delegation.
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