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Any fans of The Expanse in here? (Books or TV Show)

I mentioned The Expanse in another thread, and was wondering if there are any fans of the books or show here. I've really enjoyed it. I think I saw the first season on SyFy Channel first, then went and read the book, and was blown away by how closely the show honored the book, and how well they cast the characters. I had read all of the book series by the time the second season aired.

It's a neat, realistic (physics wise) Sci-Fi concept, taking place mostly in our solar system, but also blends in some concepts B5 fans would be familiar with. Political agendas, secret organizations, and an over-arching story which takes a LONG time to develop. It was also a pre-planned story for the most part, and the final book gets released in just over a month, so it will have a final conclusion.

Curious if anyone else has taken this in.
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