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Re: EpDis: Signs And Portents

I watched JMS's sync-up commentary for Signs and Portents today, and he said that Lady Morella's "You must save the eye that does not see" was referring to the Centauri Eye in this episode. I'm puzzled now, because Lady Morella said Londo had already wasted two chances and had three left, the first of which was "save the eye that does not see". How can that be the Centauri Eye when that was in the past by that stage – wouldn't Lady Morella's prophecy pertain instead to some event that takes place after Point of No Return?

I'm not sure what Londo did wrong in his handling of the Eye. The Centauri government had arranged for Lord Kiro to come and collect it, and that's what happened. It was Kiro who was at fault. Sinclair does point out that Londo should have mentioned the Eye on the ship's manifest, but would a piece of paperwork really be one of the main drivers of Londo's downfall?

I'd have thought that his two chances that he'd already wasted by the time of Point of No Return were the attacks he arranged in Quadrant 37 and Quadrant 14.
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