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Re: Eureka (2006-2012)



IMDB Synopsis: Women who attended a Allison's baby shower are turning up drowned and there was no apparent source for the water. There doesn't seem to be anyway to extract the data stored in Kim's body without destroying her.

Meh liked the usual qualities I like in every episode. The characters and some of the humor.

This one cheated a bit. In every plot there is a quality of mystery the audience is supposed to figure out. This one cheated a bit by not only hiding a key plot twist, but also making it so you have to believe one of the supposed highly intelligent individuals didn't put two and two together to make make four.

Spoiler for spoiler:
The plot leaves out a key scene that would have given the mystery away. AND you are to believe that Tess didn't mention what happened in the key scene. It isn't impossible because they were focused on a different event and therefore she was thinking of that event, but an "Oh By The Way We Also Did This..." is something that definitely would have popped in this genius' head.

I guess the actual main plot revolved around Tomita's character, but I wasn't interested. It was just a way to hit the romance, sacrifice, and melodrama cues. It was kind of pathetic when one considers the grand scope of the creation of this character that just ended up being a way to have a tragic love story thrown in the drama.

Another forgettable episode. Sad that Season Three started so strong and has not been able to maintain it. Honestly these episodes have become formulaic and Ho-Hum.
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