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Re: Eureka (2006-2012)



IMDB Synopsis (abbreviated): Henry tries to figure out why his spaceship came home.

Okay so I left out of my previous post the fact Kim (Tamlyn Tomita) reappeared in Eureka at the very last moment of the previous episode. I didn't want to spoil it, but there is no getting around it because I'm going to mention Babylon 5 guest stars. So what I liked about the episode is the first half where the mystery of Kim's return is spinning.

The second half of the episode, specifically how it pertained to the return of Kim.

Spoiler for spoiler:
So Tomita returns as a recreation of Kim. Wrapping your head around the things they were trying to do in this episode are somewhat difficult, but in the first half things were going well enough I was able to let it slide. THEN the second half of the episode started and the eternal need for drama to add drama kicked in. I the first half Tomita was brilliant as living computer Kim. In the second half they decided to let emotion creep in and made the whole concept a big fail for me. It was quite annoying that they couldn't just allow things to play out. They had to stress the interpersonal relationships for the sake of creating unnecessary drama.

So another bit of a dud for me. The episode started off pretty well, but by the end started to lean too much into romantic entanglements rather than telling a decent story. I am DEFINITELY being hard on this one, but that is because I loved how Tomita started out and then they ruined it.
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