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Re: Eureka (2006-2012)


IMDB Synopsis: All of Eva Thorne's secrets are revealed when she pushes for early destruction of the bunker. Zoe begins to experience the effect of the substance in which she slipped, leaving Carter to risk his life and job in order to save her.

Hmmmm I would say I liked most of the episode.

I can't think of anything other than the huge spoiler......
Spoiler for spoiler:
that this was Frances Fisher's last episode. I thought she added an interesting dynamic, though I also felt like she has overshadowed Salli Richardson-Whitfield all season. It really seems like after the whole Nathan Stark affair at the beginning of the season she has been a non-entity for me. I don't know. Could just be me.

I guess if I was going to say there is one negative it would be that Fisher left. And if there were one pointless gesture it is that Carter was fired. I love that something like that happened, because something like that would have to happen, but it also seems pointless - especially since I know the next episode is called WELCOME BACK, CARTER.

All and all a good episode, but the ending was a bit contrived and had no weight to it because I know the show isn't over.
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