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Re: EpDis: Crusade: The Path Of Sorrows

Yea, I can accept both of those. It DOES make sense for it to be more random encounters and stuff like that, AND there's only the handful of episodes. I'm also just going through for the first time ever, and haven't even seen all episodes yet. I've had almost twenty years to think about all 110 Babylon 5 episodes (and a handful of movies). There's really no comparison there.

I'm not sure about Matheson's story there, either. It seemed like he was getting away with a bunch of other people. He must have gotten at least some of his closest friends out, but since The Corps is Mother, The Corps is Father, maybe he feels like he murdered his whole extended family ... Even if it wasn't actually him doing the murdering? I just watched this last week, and already my memory is a bit hazy... I might be WAY off!
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