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Re: EpDis: Crusade: The Path Of Sorrows

I've seen people mention this as their favorite, or one of their favorite Crusade episodes, but ... it's not really doing anything for me. I like the flashback back-story stuff, but it just seems so random, and Star Trek-ey. I said that about the last episode I watched as well, so I guess perhaps Crusade just feels more Star Trek-ey to me than Babylon 5-ey. It makes sense for this show to be more random encounters since it's about a spaceship and its crew, going around the galaxy looking for remnants of alien civilizations. I'm just not used to this randomness in the B5 universe.

I quite like the Galen character, but that thing he did at the start of this episode was a real asshole move. Couldn't he have put forth some effort and used his OWN sorrow to open the gate? Did he have to upset someone else? He doesn't seem particularly sorry about it, either.

Aren't there protocols for what to do when you find a random alien in a pod on a distant planet? I am guessing you're not really supposed to bring something like that on board your ship. Certainly not without a quarantine period.

Don't get me started on Eilerson's ideas on "archaeology" :-|
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